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Sheffield United v Fleetwood Town - 20/10


Usual rules apply:
- Must have been at the game to vote on what you saw and not a commentary
- Only one vote allowed
- Brief description of why

Gone for Adams, for no other reason than he scored two goals and he was in the right place at the right time.

No one really stood out - my next choice would possibly have been Freeman but only because of the fight he showed.

In terms of impact - Coutts was significant when he came on, as was Baxter, but I don't think either were on long enough to warrant MoM though. 

I've gone for Wallace - apart from his goals, which as usual he took very well, Adams was just ok for me in other aspects. Yes, Coutts made a difference but overall I thought Wallace was solid at the back and also attacked well down the flank and he set up our 2nd and 3rd goals.

Collins for me. I know that in general he had very little to do but he was always in the right position to snuff things out, won some great headers and made some great passes. He could have scored in the first half with a volley from a corner when he was unmarked, but in general I thought he had a very good game. He probably saw more of the ball than any other player too !


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