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Sheffield United v Rochdale - 10/10/15


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Baxter by some way for me today.

I thought Done ran his socks off, Sharp played some great balls (including that cross field ball for the 2nd goal) but Baxter controlled everything from the middle - was asked to play deep in the first half, which he did (great ball for the first goal, although it was all created by Scougs really). Stepped up the field in the second half and still kept going. Some great last ditch defending as well

Hmmm - not quite so brief after all!!

Billy for me.

Superb work rate throughout, held up the ball very well and his determination to beat his men and cross for Adams 2nd goal was a class above.

Can't argue that Baxter had a good game and his pass for Adams first was outstanding. Adams took both goals really well but didn't do all that well for most of the match, although he did deserve a hat trick and came close with a decent run into the box late in the game which was well saved by the keeper.

Done ran himself ragged throughout and looked absolutely knackered!

Billy for me as well, worked hard, held the ball up well and played some great balls, Baxter was a close second.

Baxter by a country mile for me, he played the defensive midfielder role as well as the one trying to split their defense with some great passing.


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