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It brought a tear............


Read this post on another site. Had to share.......written from the heart and so true!

--- Quote ---Thank you Chris - For making us United.

Born 1987 - I like to think I speak on behalf of anyone my age or younger (and possibly even older) when I say this is the most enjoyable football I have witnessed since Spackman, the most effective football since Warnock, and the most focused, organized, talented and committed I've ever seen at the Lane.

You understand Sheffield, our culture and our people, and you make it work to your advantage. 25,000 moaning fans, the poison chalice, a sinking ship... no one wanted this job. Except for you - you wasn't having any of it. You made a city believe when most thought hope had gone. For me this is already the best team I have had the PRIVILEGE to watch at Sheffield2 -  and no one can ever take that away.

As someone who sat crying in the stands with his dad as a ten year old boy against Palace in 97, to crying pretty much for the next ten years up to Wolves in 03 and Burnley in 08, it hasn't been easy.
But thanks to you I almost shed a different type of tear in the second half against Wolves on Wednesday night.
It felt like drawing a curtain on 29 years of either shit football, shit players, or shit results.
I never thought I'd see the day - we out passed, we out played, we out worked, we out defended, we out thought our opponent (a very good opponent) and we were always in control.

For anyone else who was there for that dark, dark day under Nigel the last game of the 15/16 season - it would have been impossible to predict we'd be here with you now.  If you offered me 1000 to 1 I wouldn't have took, mainly because I'm tight but also because I wouldn't want to waste a quid!

Yet... sat in Leppings Lane on Sunday, you could still hear blades carry the scars of yesterday "we'll throw it away" "hope they can keep a point" but I don't feel like that anymore, not with you in charge. It's not arrogance, but you've instilled belief - and slowly but surely, game by game, win by win, week by week, you're changing a victim and pessimist culture into a crowd of believers. A United and Happy crowd. We've had some shit over the years, as well you know, but somehow we're all starting to let that go.

Man management, game management, respect from the players, love from the stands - you really have it all. This is a new United, one you're creating. I'm just happy to be alive on your march. You're getting us exited.

Thank you Chris - for making us United.

--- End quote ---

Yer soppy git  :ok:

Can't argue though!

Big Girl's Blouse

It's very true what he says, although it is a bit over the top.

He'd have slit his wrists under Billy McEwan!


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