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Derby Day Memories

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OK - we've waited some time for this so let's have a thread for your memories and funny quips.

I spent the day racing round the Solent, trying to get glimpses of the score between races. Saw the line-ups and wasn't confident. Next update I got was 2-0 up and couldn't believe it. Heading back into Cowes was hoping to get back for the 2nd half in the pub but didn't make it - got an update at 2-2 and was swearing like a good'n with my crew thinking I'd gone slightly crazy. Got back in and saw the final score and was in complete Euphoria.........what an up and day gown and Im not talking about the waves......


Adidas are set to launch the new Mark Duffy Sports Bra - 100% guaranteed to stop tits bouncing!!

Billy Sharp on twitter

Got woken up at 2 minutes to 4 last night by the kids bouncing on the bed,Mark Duffy came in and put them back to sleep

laughed myself hoarse when Sky showed this during the match:

WAWAW indeed!  :DD


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