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Sheffield United v Doncaster Rovers - 26/9/15

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Could have gone to one of 4 or 5 but Baxter just controlled everything from the middle and played some amazing passes.

Sammon for me.

Ran his socks off, held the ball up well and their defence struggled to cope with him all afternoon.

Also had a superb run and curling shot to the corner, which hit the post but deserved to go in.

voted for Sammon.

I thought I wouldn't like him but he's becoming indispensible. Beautiful performance today - seriously, great to watch.

Baxter was brilliant, Coutts had his best game for us, Kieron Wallace looked like he belonged in this team, but although Sharp was effin brilliant, I have to say Sammon edged it for me. UTB!

Agree that Coutts deserves a mention.....pretty much slagged off all last season and then gives his best Blades performance  :ok:


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