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As the number of entries has diminished recently, there was only 2 last week, I think it's time to call a halt. It has been running well for a number of years, but as most of us now play the Fantasy League I feel this has taken over.

If people do want it to continue then I will do the predictions and updates as normal.

Please let me know....

Bognor Blade:
cheers for posting and updating week after week mate  :ok: :DB :DB


--- Quote from: Bognor Blade on March 21, 2016, 06:26:22 pm ---cheers for posting and updating week after week mate  :ok: :DB :DB

--- End quote ---

My pleasure. It wasn't a onerous task, 15 mins on a Sunday and 15 mins to update.

you done a great job mate...I've had a lot on my plate recently so tend to forget on occasions but i'm still happy with it.  :ok:


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