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Tyler Smith got 2 more for the U-23 last night v Cardiff. Maybe he's worth a punt?

Maybe a bit early for him, but I would give him some exposure to the first team squad.

Ye, I saw it like the rest of you...we put a lot of work in, especially in the first half and perhaps the result was a tad harsh but the reality is they were missing for fun at first. Of the reserves that played I wouldn't be worried to see Brooks, Eastwood and Baldock in the first team.

 On Ched, he missed a lot of pre season so is well behind the rest but CW has to keep giving him game time ( from the bench ) and reserve games to get his match fitness and conditioning up.

 I really hope CW gets a couple of pace players in we are woefully slow and perhaps the 3-5-2 isn't working as well, time will tell on that but i've always liked 4-4-2.

 I'm at the game on Saturday and if we get a draw i'll be happy, I spoke to a Derby fan today and he says that they're already being written off but I see them as one of the top six sides in this division.

 So what team would you play on Saturday?

Badger, Joe Shaw, Morgan, Hemsley
Woodward, Currie, Sabella, Salmons
Sharp, Jones,

Pretty good summary there Lings. I watched it on SKY, and was in the chat room with Stabo, and we both said the same. Their pace did us in the end. I thought Baldock had a reasonable debut, but he didn't get back quick enough after attacking. May just be a fitness issue. Although conceding 4, Eastwood again looked composed, and made a fabulous save.

Nice to see Harry get a great reception. You can't blame him for going, and he does look to have progressed very well. Maybe an England call up soon.

I feel we may not have Brooks for much longer. It would be nice to start building a team around him, but we always want to cash in. It would be a shame, but unfortunately, the PL clubs have the majority of the money to spend, and they buy players just to stop the others buying them. Conte is moaning that he only has a squad of 68 contracted players.

What are peoples views on Stephens v Lafferty??

Is it time to give Lafferty a go??

Like Vamps, I have to agree with the other posts. A disappointing performance and we didn't deserve anything in all honesty.

With the new laws on diving, can Jack be be retrospectively booked for his dive for the free kick?

Blackman needs to improve his distribution. On a few occaisions he threw to ball to defenders who had Boro players quite close to them.

Anyone else feeling giddy as fuck right now??

COYRAWW  :cheer: :cheer:

Enjoy the match Bolts mate, looks like your old sparring partner might be back in the chat. :ok:

Stabo is at BL today, lucky bast**d

So - Bath Hotel tomorrow - 1pm or are we looking to kick off little earlier? One thing I do know is we probably can't leave getting to the ground quite as late this season as we did last - it's already going to clearly be chaos after the ST debacle - so glad I'm not fetching a ticket from the ticket office today or tomorrow!!!  :o :o

Have a great time today all.

Lets hope we can have the perfect start.

Bolts - get a train to BDTBL ffs rather than sit in yer garage!! It's hardly long distance.  :ok:

I would like to, but Network Rail are closing the station again at weekends to continue upgrading the line. Also, the golf season is still in full swing.

I will make an appearance at some point...

Yours or mine?

You ditched Bolts then?...... :DD

Call me old fashioned but think I'd prefer to spend my Satdi afternoon at BDTBL over Bokts garage!!

My garage is far better than BDTBL. I have a beer fridge, smoking is allowed, an electric fire for winter, plenty of nibbles, the chat room, although Stabo does get a bit lippy at times, Blades Player, and it takes far less time to have a piss than being at BL.

Paints a good picture, but I would prefer to be at BDTBL.

Where we meeting Satdi?

My garage.....

Shocking. Since he got in with that taxi crowd he's just not the same donkey  >:(

Maybe cos he uses horse power now, and not Donkey power :whi

There's yer coat mate

I'd already taken it & gone...

Shocking. Since he got in with that taxi crowd he's just not the same donkey  >:(

Maybe cos he uses horse power now, and not Donkey power :whi

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: July 28, 2017, 09:41:47 am »
Understood Bolts, but I think it's a bit different for keepers. It doesn't matter what League you're in, if a 25-yarder's heading for the top corner it needs stopping, same with crosses into the box. He has a full season of first-team experience and Chelsea obviously saw enough to give him a new 4 year contract.

I must say though, Eastwood's had 2 very good games since Moore's injury, and if he does so again at Eastleigh he'll be pushing Blackman for a starting place (but I guess Chelsea will have made certain demands about game time during the loan?)

Eastwood is probaby not the solution this early in his career, although he has performed admirably in the pre-season games. A few bad games will shatter his confidence.

I have no doubt that Chelsea will have some stipulations in the loan deal. This is what does make a mockery of the whole system.

Is there any news on how long Moore will be out? They seem to be keeping very quiet on the extent of the injury.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: July 28, 2017, 08:38:53 am »
Jamal Blackman signed on loan from Chelsea. We needed a keeper and feck me we have one!

Had a great season at Wycombe last year, played almost every game. Top signing once again CW!

I hope you are right Lings.

Playing in the Championship will be a lot different to League 2. He has little experience at this level, and, in my humble opinion, I think we need an experienced keeper who has played at this level. Lets hope Moore will be back quickly.

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