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As far as I'm concerned the only weakness we have is due to our style of play and is to pump balls behind our wing backs when they've pushed on.  Boro did that first half at the Riverside and so did Cardiff.

I think the game against Leicester highlighted that weakness to ourselves because we seemed to have got stronger there and we've won both games since and let's hope for a third win tonight.

Blackman, Stevens, Fleck, O'Connell, Basham, Sharp, Donaldson, Wright, Coutts, Freeman, Duffy.
Subs: Baldock, Lundstram, Carter-Vickers, Lafferty, Eastwood, Evans, Brooks.

Banter / Re: Board changes at the Lane
« on: September 09, 2017, 02:27:36 pm »
Is it coincidence that we get back into the championship and the prince can now concentrate on the Blades more.....or am I just being my usual cynical self  ;D

I'm not sure what all this means, i'm not clever enough but I hope it's for the good and finally we rid ourselves of the McCabes with a massive buy out and huge investment.

For me the McCabe's have held us back, stifled investment in the the team, took us down into lge 1 for 6yrs and only given us 1 season in the top flight. Also it was Mcdonald who rebuilt the John Street and put a new lid on the Kop not McCabe. Yes I agree we could have had worse but we could have had a lot lot better.

Thank Christ it was only a quick one. Hate to see the long one!!! :DD

Roma, Coutts was a regular and their captain until he suffered a bad injury that kept him out for a year. He then went down the pecking order, all the Derby fans I know said he was a good player at Derby.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: August 27, 2017, 10:39:11 pm »
The Stir suggesting the Sinclair transfer is practically a done deal, though they don't say whether it'd be a loan or permanent.

I think he'd be a good signing. As someone said, ticks most of the boxes and with Lavery looking like he's going to be out for at least a couple of weeks after the clash of heads on Saturday, we're in dire need of cover up front.

He's only 20 and sounds like one of those academy wonderkids who isn't quite Premiership quality and so doesn't get enough game time to develop and prove himself.

Coming from Watford, it'll be a step up coming to us in terms of atmosphere at home games (  :whi ) so it might help bring the best out in him, and we all know CW has a track record of that.

It'll be a loan I think, they paid £4M for him from Liverpool. As for Lavery I think he fractured his cheekbone with a clash of heads, it looked pretty nasty I must say so expect him to be out longer

A post match report from a deranged Ram supporter.


Deluded....to say we had no chances other than the goals...err they didn't have a shot on target in the first half and i don't recall a save from Blackman in the second either. Also What he fails to realise is that hard work, passion and heart are 90% of the game and they had none. He also fails to mention that we had more chances in the second half i.e. Fleck, Ched and Sharp had chances before our third. No mention of Flecks Jagielkaesque tackle either. We're not a poor side either, we are an average side with guts and CW.....get some pace into that team with that passion and we'll turn over a lot more teams who think they are better than they are.

Ye, great first half by us, I think we shocked them with our high pressing game....and what a saving tackle from Fleck, very Jagielkaesque.

Second half they came out a bit more but our defense was so strong and what a turn by Sharp to beat, i think, Huddlestone for his second goal.

 I think what we had today that we lacked v Middlesboro was movement, our players ran into spaces and the passing was awesome.

MOTM Every player today

On Ched, I thought he played well when he came on, he lacks a bit of strength but his passing and control was really good.

Yeah congrats to Harry - he was immense on Tuesday night.

CW saying he's confident one new signing for tomorrow, MAYBE 2.

hope one is a quick powerful striker....

Ye, I saw it like the rest of you...we put a lot of work in, especially in the first half and perhaps the result was a tad harsh but the reality is they were missing for fun at first. Of the reserves that played I wouldn't be worried to see Brooks, Eastwood and Baldock in the first team.

 On Ched, he missed a lot of pre season so is well behind the rest but CW has to keep giving him game time ( from the bench ) and reserve games to get his match fitness and conditioning up.

 I really hope CW gets a couple of pace players in we are woefully slow and perhaps the 3-5-2 isn't working as well, time will tell on that but i've always liked 4-4-2.

 I'm at the game on Saturday and if we get a draw i'll be happy, I spoke to a Derby fan today and he says that they're already being written off but I see them as one of the top six sides in this division.

 So what team would you play on Saturday?

Basically what he said

We looked more like a weir side than a CW side, up until the last few minutes we were devoid of any fight today and It was the opposite to the Brentford game where we fought for every ball. We are one dimensional because we have no real pace in the team and we'll struggle until the club address it. The one thing i noticed above anything was that we had 5 in midfield yet there was a lot of space for Boro' to play in and for me is where we lack quality. On a positive note we reduced Boro' to a couple of efforts so the defensive side isn't doing too bad and with a bit of pace and creativity we'll be fine.

Blackman - inexperience showed for their goal
Basham - apart from their goal was solid enough
Stearman - very steady game
O'Connell - Steady game
Stevens - at the moment isn't good enough
Freeman - got battered but kept going
Fleck - did well in the first half, shows championship potential
Coutts - out of his depth today
Curruthers - Ran around a lot without doing much
Sharp - was he even on the pitch? TBF he had no service
Clarke - ran a lot but was out of his depth

Evens - again gave us a bit of a spark, must start soon
Duffy - Needs to play and settle into the division
Brookes - Give the lad a chance in the starting 11

I'm sure the team today won't be the one that we see in the second half of the season.

Good game today and it could have gone either way, Brentford are a neat unit that lacked a finish today. Blackman looks a very confidant keeper, his handling was solid and Moore is going to find it difficult to dislodge him from the No1 spot. MOTM for me was Clarke, he ran his socks off today and provided the cross for Sharpe to score. The defense were solid and looked good IMO but I thought we were a bit lightweight in midfield and there were big holes in there which allowed Brentford to pick up the ball, we were sloppy to at times in there especially in the first half, second half we tightened it up somewhat and looked more tighter and confident. Overall we worked bloody hard and that's always a good thing to see, "forged in Steel" yes!

What we need to do to improve, some pace, we didn't get behind their defense to often! we're also a bit of a one trick pony at the moment, it's passed wide a lot for someone to cross it in. We need a trickster up front or in midfield. It's early days I know so there's time to settle and improve and overall i'm a happy Blade tonight.

Yours or mine?

You ditched Bolts then?...... :DD

Call me old fashioned but think I'd prefer to spend my Satdi afternoon at BDTBL over Bokts garage!!

I'd rather spend the afternoon in your bath than in Bolts' garage  ;)

Stabo mate I was only keeping Bolts warm for you in your absence  :ok:

Well he was slumming it, quality always wins out in the end  :DD :DD

Yours or mine?

You ditched Bolts then?...... :DD

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