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Is it Saturday yet - god I need a Blades fix........aint it great to feel that and be looking forward to a game rather than thinking I wonder if we might turn up this week and make my weekend!!

Pre match plans anyone?
Is the Donkey joining us?
Is that nutter from the south coast avoiding a sore arse and actually going to attend a match (have to say the extra elbow room has been quite nice  :DD?)

Back to The Bath or frequenting somewhere else?

I don't mind where we go Vamps - I guess Bath or Tap but I'm happy to frequent an alternative hostelry too.

Some people have too vivid an imagination  ;D ;D ;D

Complete wind-up mate.

It's absolutely terrible (OK I stopped at Page 6)

Had great fun winding up Wales fans asking if, as Brooks didn't play in either of the last 2 games he was called up for, he might be available to go to Russia for the World Cup with a team that's actually qualified.

OOOH! They are such potty-mouths. They really didn't like the "new Bale sat on the bench" comments either!

Clough, denied because he would have told them like it was

Venables, removed because he just wasn't one of them, and he told them like it was

Wilder, see Roma's post, he'd last 5 minutes before he told the lot of them what he thought.

The national side is permanently fucked. Wilder's side is on the crest of a wave. Come on Blades, and though it saddens me to say, Fuck Off England. It's a corporate fashion show interrupted by the presence of a ball.

There is only one man who can make England great again.

Unfortunately he is busy making Sheffield United great again so they can fuck right off.

England are 25/1 to win next years World Cup.

For those who don't understand betting, that means that if you put £10 on for England to win......

........you will lose £10  :whi :roll:

 ;D ;D ;D

I rarely watch them any more mate. With the players at our disposal we should be way better than we are. Southgate is like the personification of the FA. Safe suit who needs results, regardless of how they come. trouble is, when it matters we don't get the results. I'd rather watch exciting attacking football and take the results whatever somes, as the opposite approach has failed us for 50 years.

2 points per game and we're promoted. We're only 1 point off the required average total so far. A win v Ipswich and we're back ahead of target.

Banter / Re: It brought a tear............
« on: October 01, 2017, 03:29:32 pm »
He'd have slit his wrists under Billy McEwan!

Suffered today for what seems a strange line-up with one up front, and he a returning player from injury.

We should have let Brooks and Clarke get on with it.

Having said that, we had several chances to score early on and should have been out of sight, and again at the end we've had loads of opportunities but in general that last-third has let us down for once.

Still, we're playing well and we're in a great position, bring on Ipswich who lost at home to Brizzle today.

Banter / Re: It brought a tear............
« on: September 30, 2017, 04:49:22 pm »
Big Girl's Blouse

He got off to an amazing start, and I can't wait to see him back, but would you really break things up after the last 2 games? Difficult one. I'd say Billy and CD should probably start from the bench

WOW! - Wolves started brightly to be fair until  "once a Blade" Conor Coady got himself sent off, but the best sides can raise their game when down to 10 men and we spent most of the rest of the game showing how we are off to an excellent start in this division. In the second half it was clear that our job was to protect what we had, especially at 2-0, but apart from a few flurries (Blackman made 3 saves in the entire match) Wolves just weren't at the races tonight.

I fully expect then to be up there at the end of the season as they clearly have pace, ability and HEIGHT! but tonight we were brilliant, especially first half when Brooks tore their entire side a new arsehole (he was quieter second half).

Thanks to their £15m man for missing the penalty (the spanish Jordan Rhodes?) but overall we were full value for the win.

Hilarious that the Pigs lost to Brum, and they have Leeds at the weekend so either they lose, which would be even more hilarious, or they win, which helps us!!! Hahahahahaha

It's good to be a Blade

No disgrace to lose tonight, you can't win 'em all and Wolves have spent big and are flying just now. However, we certainly shouldn't be afraid of anyone and we do have the quality to win any game.

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