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Bassett was long gone when Fjortoft and Saunders arrived mate, Harry left in '95 and those two signed in '97

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 03, 2017, 07:19:05 pm »
I see Carruthers as cover for Duffy, Lundstrum cover for Fleck/Coutts although Bash is perfectly good there as defensive cover (I prefer him CB or CMF rather than makeshift wing back)

Holy Crap! They'll be bussing in rozzers from 7 counties!

(Happy Birthday Vamps ??? )

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:53:35 pm »
Stabs I don't think Carruthers has done anything wrong, Duffy is just having the best season of his life. I trust Carruthers, and also Duffy is the player keeping Brooks out of the starting 11 so there's another quality bit of cover.

I'm a great believer in not screwing up a tightly-knit group in the dressing room, so I think Cole would be a great addition, and I honestly can't think of anything else we need for now.

The Bassett years I'll never forget. I'm happy to accept they might not have actually been as good as I might remember with my selective memory, but bloody hell did we have some good times with Harry, and over many years too.

I love CW and what he's achieved so far. I believe he can usurp Bassett as the best we've had, but there's still some way to go yet before he takes the mantle. I truly hope Wilder becomes the legend he appears to be becoming. Bassett for me will always be the man who gave me the best years of my life as a Blade.............so far.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:45:09 pm »
You're being ultra-paranoid.

....aren't you?

tbh get Devante Cole in and we'll be OK with what we've got

I think we were stunned by the early, unfortunate goal. We had to chase the game, and we just couldn't create enough chances from our 61% possession (BBC).

I'm not too despondant about being third, although still being top would have been better. I think we all agree that we are in a better place than anyone had dreamt about.

Sorry about Thornbridge Lings. Carling is on offer in Morrisons :ok: :ok:

I kid you not Bolts, someone in The Tap yesterday asked the girl "which of these Pilsners tastes most like Stella?" What is the world coming to?


Today is a sad day indeed. I don't really know how to break the news in the right way, but here goes:

We can no longer buy Thornbridge Beers  :yikes:

YES - that includes Jaipur.

Thornbridge have released a bottled beer called "The Wednesday" which features the offensive logo on the front to ensure there is no ambiguity.

As of this moment, they have NOT released "The Blade"

The conclusion has to be that the brewery is operated by members of the unclean fraternity, and I have disposed of my Thornbridge loyalty card in protest, together with the flailing of arms and gnashing of teeth that goes with making such a statement.

Hugely disappointing day all round really!

Will you take 3rd in April?

See you at Holiday Inn Wembley Park in May

Well that was pants

We wobbled when Leeds were in our faces

We lost tonight because they were in our faces

Our problem is we need time to play our game and the higher we get, the less time we'll have.

NO complaints, we get back on track by pissing on the Tigers

Enjoy mate, you know what happened the last time we all went there, a repeat of that scoreline would be just fine  :ok:

Quality that Vamps!

Gotts love this tweet from Billy Sharp.......

average 2 points per game almost guarantees promotion. we're at 2.14  :ok:

We'll be top before you take off mate  :ok:

Told ya!  :ok:

Funny thing is, I agree with CW that it was probably the worst we've played for a while. We gave the ball away an awful lot in that second half and looked a bit disjointed at times, yet all the press are hailing a "superb performance".

To be fair Leeds were in our faces much more than anyone else so far this season and that's going to knock us off our stride, but for the second game running we should have been at least 3 up by HT.

We were playing at about 70% tonight, yet we still beat Leeds away from home and they were our closest rivals. Wilder is rapidly becoming a legend in football, not just at BDTBL, but I honestly can't see him going anywhere while we're on this upward curve. Bottom half of PL? No chance. Top 6 PL? He doesn't have a foreign surname so there's no chance. The more I think about it the more I don't see an ideal fit for him anywhere.

No I think he's going to see the project through - he just needs support from the Board when he asks for it, and they would be dumb not to provide it. However, if he gets fed up and he feels unloved, I hate to say it but I think ........ no I won't say it, but a club I used to like a lot before we fell out with them causes me some concern.

I truly hope CW does a Surralex and stays here for 20 years.


We'll be top before you take off mate  :ok:

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