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Would anywhere else be easier Vamps? (The Globe in Glossop isn't an option btw!)

All sorted - will be in The Tap will be aiming for around the same time as the equine one - he can't possibly be Eeyore after this weekends result!

I'm in Liverpool again this week, so depends what time I get back as to whether I make it for a beer or meet you at the ground.

If you do move from The Tap let me know.

Banter / Re: Derby Day Memories
« on: September 26, 2017, 05:23:43 am »
Great 'independent' neutral view http://englishsoccerguide.com/steel-city-derby-2017/

The video is quality...

And I'm loving this new name - Bouncing Day Massacre - pure genius!!!

Started a new thread for Derby Day chat so we can keep looking back on it with fond memories - great location for photos like that Boots!!!

Banter / Re: Derby Day Memories
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:17:11 am »
Adidas are set to launch the new Mark Duffy Sports Bra - 100% guaranteed to stop tits bouncing!!

Banter / Derby Day Memories
« on: September 25, 2017, 11:16:15 am »
OK - we've waited some time for this so let's have a thread for your memories and funny quips.

I spent the day racing round the Solent, trying to get glimpses of the score between races. Saw the line-ups and wasn't confident. Next update I got was 2-0 up and couldn't believe it. Heading back into Cowes was hoping to get back for the 2nd half in the pub but didn't make it - got an update at 2-2 and was swearing like a good'n with my crew thinking I'd gone slightly crazy. Got back in and saw the final score and was in complete Euphoria.........what an up and day gown and Im not talking about the waves......


Think I may stay in bed this morning and watch a little footy match I recorded yesterday - better than a bit of blue for getting you excited on a Monday Morning  :ok:

Away Days 2017/2018 / Re: Forest - Sat 30th September
« on: September 22, 2017, 06:48:29 am »
Sold Out already  :'(

Don't get me started........

Chris didn't tell us, he "whatsapped".

Antisocial media is for trolling, insults and frivolity. Getting tickets for the derby is NOT frivolous! This shit is important! Would you prefer that your missus "whatsapped" you that she'd fecked off with the window cleaner? Sorry, bad analogy...............I mean to say that when it matters humanity should communicate properly. This bollocks is like shouting out of the window and whoever isn't in earshot doesn't get the message.

I reserve the right to say " no thanks I ain't giving the unclean £47 of my hard-earned"  :ok:

Ooops - hahahahaha I just got one of those texty things asking me if I was looking for a ticket. Hmmmmm............away at the Pigs is the best place to win at, but also the worst place to lose at. Can I decide at 2pm Sunday if I had wanted to go or not?

Donkey where you watching it?

Sometimes it's better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and have it proved beyond all doubt.........

Errrrmmm.........is this forum social media? Would it make a difference if he announced it on here rather than via a Messaging service, which is actually even more private than this forum? As I remember he was somewhat of a giddy kipper, having bagged one of the last 70 available


Bit of a moan, Sotonexile has a ticket for the game at the weekend and never told the rest of us he was going. Boo!  :whi

Actually he did, via WhatsApp to the non Luddites amongst us.... :whi :whi

Well, as said on WhatsApp during the match, I saw it differently to many. First half anyway. I thought Norwich always looked like the most likely to score. We could have played for 3 games and woukdnt have put it in the back of the net. I'm not going to blame Ched either! Out of 6 first team strikers only Ched was able to take the field, he only being 50% fit and needing an operation on his ankle (which I'm led to believe he cancelled to play, but could also be a bit of flowering). Throughout the game he had 2 sometimes 3 defenders on him. He regularly dragged those defenders out of position to create gaps for others, but there wasn't anyone there. He was unlucky in the box with the ball pinging off shin's knee's and bum's.

The whole team grafted their hearts out to a man to try and appease the fans and second half were much better. Yes there was a stupid amount of time wasting from Norwich, but to be fair no more than we did at Bolton on Tuesday night. As 'ineffective' as Ched was, Jerome was for them - Murphy looked dangerous all game though.

I think we deserved the draw, and every player deserves a pat on the back for the effort. MoM for me was Coutts, but I think had Duffy stayed on he'd have pushed him close - was a bit surprised when he got taken off. Nice debut for Thomas. He looked composed and like he could be useful at this level.

Did my ears deceive me or was Coutts Captain on tuesday night even though Sharp was playing?

Sharp Captain - baton handed to Coutts when Sharp went off.


We will have to change the name of the mighty YCCC to South & West Yorkshire CCC. We will have to stop playing matches in Middlesborough as that is in Tees Side.

Oh I disagree my fine 'Greater Manchester' friend. Well known Quiz question and unless they've recently moved the boundaries, Middlesborough is very much in North Yorkshire.

There are extended highlights of the game on the OWS (no need to be an iFollow member).

Just watched them back and I still can't see any clear cut chances that suggest Bolton deserved to score and therefore deserved a point.  :ok:

As I remember it they had one shot which was cleared off the line by a header (as did we) - so both of those going in and it's still a Blades victory.

Banter / Re: Blades ripped off again by Pigs
« on: September 14, 2017, 10:22:03 am »
OK I'm talking about t'other pigs, sotonexile's chums  ;D

Why on earth are we paying MORE for policing than it actually costs to police our games?

Here's a list of the contributions made by SY clubs towards the costs of policing, see if you can spot the massive anomaly here:

Doncaster paid  31% of the cost
Millers paid       48% of the cost
Pigs paid           54% of the cost
Dingles paid      57% of the cost

Blades paid      102% of the cost

This means the Coppers actually made a PROFIT out of providing "protection" for the citizens and visitors to S2, ie for doing their job!

The average contribution per non-Blades club is 47.5% whereas we paid 102%. Anyone know why? Pigs had higher average attendance last season so WTF?

Where did your stats come from Lings? Was it perhaps from company accounts  :whi :whi

Now where did that transfer income go :-X :-X ...........Nuff said........

Ha ha - some quality comments in here https://roysviewfrom.wordpress.com/


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