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Just sayin’

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 29, 2017, 03:41:55 pm »
I don't think he'd want to leave - playing in a team that's giving him the form of his life, rapidly becoming a fans favourite and has a formidable strike partnership in an up and coming team that plays attacking football.

The only reason he would leave would be a silly offer in wages that Utd couldn't match and at 32 he's having a last minute payday.


What is that net spend made up of? just transfer fees? wages? total expenditure for the club.......price of the cleaners?

Hopefully the only time that lot are above us in the league!

Been doing the math. KO 5:30, HT 6:17 (assume 2 mins added on). 2nd Half KO 6:32, final whistle 7:21 (4 mins added on). Get back to car 7:31.  Get back to pick missus up 8:01 (pushing it). Quick wash and change. Leave 8:20. Arena car park for 8:40. In seat for 8:50. Killers start 9:00 (miss support band but never heard of her to be honest). 

It's tight but not impossible.  I might even do it if I leave early (despite the wrath of my fellow Blades).

Now - all I need is to convince the missus it'll all work smoothly on the night  :^^

Pop her in the Copthorne bar with a bottle of bubbles for the afternoon - solves two problems - 1) she's happy cos she's got bubbles on her anniversary and 2) you don't need to waste 30 mins going to pick her up, thereby building your contingency in for getting to the arena........good god I'm dealing with amateurs - good job it's a service I provide for free!!!

Now - for those who aren't lightweights and feel they can make it for a few extra beers on Saturday, that dude from Southampton and my good self will be meeting up in The Bath around 2pm for a few quality beers and maybe a hot roast pork sarni - the last one was particularly good......

Thought we had a few players with off games last night (Lundstrum wasn't one of them!), but if you could be proud of the team losing, that was the game. You cannot fault the effort and fight in this team.

I likened it to a heavyweight boxing fight where both fighters just went at each other full on and sod the defence - I guess the 4-5 scoreline bears that out!! Must have been a great game for a neutral to watch.

The Fulham players at the end were completely done in and if you'd just walked into the ground at the final whistle you'd think we were the team that had won! Fulham certainly knew they'd been in a game last night. As Lings said, I'd say they were the best team I've seen us play this season - at one point in the first half it looked like a Premier League vs a League One side, which this fixture would have been last season. Also like Lings, they were in my aka as a promotion team this season and they showed last night that with effort and commitment they can deliver.

The biggest downer for me last night was The Tap - some truly awful beers last night - the last pint even being left with just a sip from it.....at least that wasn't the one the Icelandic sour IPA they charged £8.80 a pint for (obviously think they're still in Iceland at those prices!!)

Onwards and upwards - bring on Birmingham. 5.30 kick off so could be in an interesting tangle by the time kick off comes around!!!

Gutted for Coutts  :(

Think the "team" is strong enough to carry on performing well though  :ok:

Anyways, roll on Tues and the Fulham match.........Tap at 6.10?? God I need a beer or two  :ok:

See you there (maybe a little bit before - for that 5th Lings mentioned!!)

That looks out for the season to me - huge loss

Wendy fixture at the Lane moved to a Friday night for Sky - that’s not going to be carnage at all now is it??!!

I think we were stunned by the early, unfortunate goal. We had to chase the game, and we just couldn't create enough chances from our 61% possession (BBC).

I'm not too despondant about being third, although still being top would have been better. I think we all agree that we are in a better place than anyone had dreamt about.

Sorry about Thornbridge Lings. Carling is on offer in Morrisons :ok: :ok:

I kid you not Bolts, someone in The Tap yesterday asked the girl "which of these Pilsners tastes most like Stella?" What is the world coming to?

To be fair to them Lings, there is so much choice available these days, and these young snowflakes have no idea. When we were growing up there was very little choice. Probably 90% of people in the pub drank beer.

But isn’t that the beauty of it, you get to try them all and see which you like..........or is that just me???  :whi

Have been sampling some rather nice craft beers in Florida this week. Was gutted when I got to Epcot to discover they had a food and wine festival on - felt rather pished after my round the world pub crawl (Australua won btw with ‘Coopers  Pale Ale!’ although only really cos of the name!) Had a blinding Barolo in Italy and in France a rather tasty slush made with Grand Marnier, Champagne and Grey Goose Vodka - well it was hot and I needed something to cool down and get the taste of Escargot out of my mouth!!!

Sod it, going back to Epcot today!,,

I friggin love Wikipedia!!

My view on Saturday (I haven't been running anywhere since I buggered my ACL) was first 10 mins or so its looked fairly even, although we were certainly creating the better chances - from then on though we completely dominated the football and fully deserved to be in front and probably by more goals.

As Roma said second half started OK, but then we just sat back and let them come at us - I wasn't surprised in the least when they scored, you could see it coming. Also coincided with Lundstrum coming on, further cementing my views on him!

Thought Baldock had an outstanding game and would have been any MotM - the through ball for Duffy to square for our first goal was superb - although I can't take anything away from Coutts either.

Good to see Billy back on the score sheet after his injury. Bit of a break for me now - next game will be Fulham, although thankfully now the Weeds game has been put back to Friday night, I'll get to watch that from the airport. 

Onwards and upwards Blades - see you in 3 weeks when hopefully we'll be top  :whi :whi

 :DD :DD :DD

Absolute genius.........

Wendy kit finally goes on sale on Monday. £49 if bought before the end of November, and then goes up to £59!!! Is that so they can sell them at £49 in the Xmas sales??!!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving!!

Banter / Re: Derby Day Memories
« on: October 19, 2017, 05:27:09 am »
A short poem about the Bouncing Day Massacre, written from the perspective of a Wendy...

So the tale that I tell thee,
Is of the Blades agean't Wednesday
It were on a Sunday in S6
We were gonna mek them blades cry and shit bricks!

We were so full of ourselves, confident!
We'd not started bouncing when we had to relent
Free kick out er't box and up stepped Fleck
Curled into the corner, Mi Dad shouted "OH FUCKIN 'ECK!"

All me mates said this'd be a walk in the park
Then he walked through t'defence, that donkey, Leon Clarke
He only made them two to the good
stepped through out defence like they was made of wood

United goal scorers the Mc weren't s'posed to announce
Let's blame the manager, whose name we can't pronounce
This shun't be 'appening, I wanna lose my temper
We said they'd be relegated by the end of September!

We're Real Madrid, but playing in a stupor
But we got some hope, before the break, with our Hooper
He nailed us a goal, against the run of play
You'd 'ave thought the Blades were at home, not playing away!

Just after the break, the balance stated to sway,
And we scored again, with a player whose name we can't say!
'Ere we go, we're up and 'ere comes the trouncing
Then 'ere it comes, the infamous Hillsborough bouncing!

We can only say that them Blades had been lucky,
But we'd not paid attention to that young ginger lad, Duffy.
I'd just put a tenner on us, on 365 and Sky Bet
When that little ginner hits the back of the net!

He turned to salute his once bouncing abusers,
We're all turned to stone stone, like we'd looked at Medusa!
Three sides of Hillsbrough in silence, stood STILL
And me dad looking puce, like he'd choked on some swill.

This can't be 'appening, they've not read the script,
Three sides er't ground as quiet as a crypt.
We shout "CARLOS OUT!" and that sort of malarkey,
Then he's through again, you know that reject Clarky.

Ghosting through, like the defenders are dips,
Then beating Westwood, with the subtlest of chips.
We're being beaten by a pub team from the Dog n Duck!
I think its abaht time I logged out of Facebook!!!

Sean the Blade....

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: October 19, 2017, 05:26:49 am »
HRH obviously pops into this excellent bar from time to time, to have a pull on a sheesha pipe of course not partake in the various alcoholic beverages on offer, and saw my post and thought "bloody hell I best get that Brooksy signed on a four year deal or I'll have the Crossed Blades lot after my blood!"...  :ok:

I don't think the extended deal makes him any more likely to stay with us beyond the end of this season (unless we're promoted of course) but I do believe it makes a move in January that little bit less likely and, if he did have his head turned by one of the big boys at some time soon, the transfer fee is likely to be 15 mill instead of 7 or 8...  If he keeps on developing the way he has this year, we could have our first 20mil player on our hands  :ok:

The clues were in Wilders interview - more than once he used the phrase “Immediate future”

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: October 17, 2017, 09:02:56 pm »
Bloody excellent news that Brooks has signed a new 4 year contract today. Happy days!!

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