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Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 20, 2015, 10:14:34 pm »
I'm still coming Sat fella's  :DA Not sure about the drink though

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 19, 2015, 12:43:27 am »
Agree with Lings having listened in tonight. Excellent 3 points against a side I expect to be at least in the top 8 this season. It's the comprehensive nature of our wins that's making things easy to take for me. With Clough, you was never easy with any win, there was always that doubt in the back of your mind, some niggling feeling that almost put you at edge regardless of how they won. I'm not saying it's easy, more the complete job was done.
A bit like Saturday. I felt a little injustice about Sammon's goal and the Ref was absolutely trying to let the the away team get something out the game but it was a complete job and it always felt like a complete job. I don't know if this is the Adkins effect but I like it.

I can't remember when we've had a more professional team to now. It's close knit, it reacts and interacts with the fans and they look bothered and that is all we ask for. The whole feeling is very positive throughout the club. Long may it live!

On a more semi-serious note. The Physio has called me today after an MRI scan I had last Sat(8th not 15th). Basically I've got a serious compression of the sciatick nerve on my right side, which has been causing me a lot of pain recently. Yes, I've aggravated it a few times, not intensionally but now they have to operate. As with most Ops, nothing is guaranteed and there is a degree of risk.
I've told Vamps a bit about it and he and Shadow have had much worse probs, as we all know. This is nothing compared to their ops in fairness. I just might have to give some grief to the lads following the home commentary on BP as I recover, bit of prior warning  :D
I will ask if anyone going would like to take Ziah with them and can use my ST as it's of no use to me while sat on my ass for a few weeks/months. Just putting that out there if anyone's interested.
I'll be going under in a few weeks rather than months apparently so will effect my attendance ( :-[ )

Anyone interested?

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 13, 2015, 01:43:53 pm »
It's not just McEverley who gets played out of position though.

Is Sharp being played as the Old Fashioned Bog Liner? Is Sammon being played as a Target man? Has Scougs/Baxter/McNulty ever been a Winger?

We've had season after season over the last 10 years with the same moans and arguments. Why aren't we playing square pegs in square holes instead of round pegs in square holes.

I don't want players who CAN play there, I want to players that naturally play there. The game becomes so much more complicated when a Player is asked to do what isn't natural to him. Would you have trusted Geary and Kozluk to play CB is a good example of what effect it's having on McEverley's performance whether he's played there before or not.
You can guarantee in every game McEverley plays at CB he makes a howler a game. That puts us 1 goal down straight away, before a ball is kicked if you like. Not exactly confidence filling is it!

More Questions. Is McNulty the same player as Sharp?, who offers more?
Sammon and Higdon? Or Sammon OR Higdon? seems a good question right now too.

Who do we play at ACM? or who would be a good partner for Basham/Reed. I'm not going to put either Wallace because J is a sick note and can't be trusted with his fitness and K is still a little Naive. Baxter is lazy and Scougs is light weight. so who do we play there?

Just my opinion but I think that NA has his hands tied behind his back like all the other managers have and we won't go anywhere until something or someone grows some balls at the top and allows the manager to do his job properly.

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 11, 2015, 11:38:22 am »
We've been invited to the Standard so Ziah can pick up his Programs.

Feel free to join us matey  :DG

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 11, 2015, 09:19:22 am »
Ok, I haven't really got to grips with the new season and I'm well behind on United news.

Welcome David Edgar to the Lane.

I've also heard Harlee Dean was the player close on Friday and is still wanting to come, if they can sort the deal out. I blame Brannigan for this. He's not the CEO I have confidence in signing anyone.

As for Sat.

I'm not going to over-react and I've said it for years. The first game of the season is littered with shock results throughout the fixture list. Norwich and Southampton both had mullerings on the first day and went up as Champions. 1 away game down, 22 to go. We've just got to average 2 points a game and we'll be fine.

I have little faith in McEverley as a CB. He's a Competent League 1 LB for me and that's all he is. Collins needs a younger CB to partner him so they can bail out his howlers, but he is a good leader at the back imo.
Midfield? We've far too many "Potential" Players like Baxter and Cuvelier who are just not meeting that potential and it's holding the rest of the side back. In fact in Midfield we have a huge amount of players either Injured, not meeting their potential or are just not good enough. This is also coupled with a large amount of youngsters. Looking at it. Reed, Adams, Dimaio, DCL, Scougs and McFadzean to some degree are all youngsters we, yes, should be blooding into the side but we should also be keeping them under wraps. Without a leader in the centre of the park, mistakes, and lots of them, will be made.
Forward line? I have no issue with. They need service, I don't think any of them are known to make their own chances so where is the Service going to come from? Murphy, Adams, Flynn, JCR? 2 out of them are injured, 1 is ridiculously out of form and has been since last March. Adams is a youngster still learning his trade.
As for Woolford, no idea why we signed him. He's no better than anyone we have on the books throughout the squad and for me he's just someone for back-up (which he was Saturday because both RM's are injured).

Keeper? Howard dropped out of form and was carrying an injury come the end of the season last season and he's struggled to get fit since. I've no idea why Willis isn't given a chance and for once I agree with Lings about George Long, although I'm only going to blame him for the 4th. Looking at the highlights, the first 3 was from set-pieces and players not tracking their runners. Defending set-pieces was the problem on Saturday and can't be solved over night. I think we've got far too many passengers in the squad but I have faith in Adkins to sort them and get rid of them.

Overall, I'm not going to get too hung up on what I see as the "Cup Weekend" of the season as it's the first game. Lets see where we are in 10 games.


Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: June 29, 2015, 07:27:10 pm »
Greetings from sunny Plymouth.

Bloody hot down here and Boating is making it a burning experience 😀

What's latest on rumours/ signings? Obviously don't hear owt down here

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