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Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: January 03, 2016, 09:19:37 am »
Have a slightly different view, Jekyll and Hyde performance imo.

First Half: battling, commanding, fluid, positive, Entertaining. Everything we need to be to move forward. Undone by a class finish but poor defending. Looks like George has confidence issues again, he really shouldn't have been beaten from his near post but then again the shot came from Brayford's side, all 3 did actually.
We really need to bring in some quality defence this Window, like Lings, I'm also sick of seeing better keepers than ours and it's about time that was sorted. I'd say our keepers are in the worst 5 in the division. We hit the post and bar, 2 penalty shouts 1 given but no 1 around us were confident Sharp was going to convert it. Ended the half on top as well.

Then the second half:
Missed their goal but was told they came out on top and deserved the lead, I can only take their word for it. But the second half was nothing like the first. The first touch from everyone without exception went way out of the way. If we can't keep posession after 1 touch we don't deserve anything.
The equaliser was somewhat fortunate with the ball trickling into the net with keeper stranded. The Kop's cheer sounded like it was more laughter than cheering being among it. And came against the run of play.

The difference for me was their entire midfield. Their no.10 and 7 ran the wings and middle of the park. Even when Sammon was replaced with Baxter there still wasn't much confidence coming from the stands, especially as we had dropped to a 4-5-1 when losing leaving Sharp to run about on his own. Sharp had to drop deep regular to force the ball wide as our middle of the park was pegged back in our half. So if Sharp is stuck in Midfield there's no one up front to convert what little chances we were creating then.
Their 3rd was a carbon copy of the first. The striker drifted around 5 challenges and slotted home. Poor defending again but was coming.

I have little confidence we'll sign what we need in January now that the Murphy money has disappeared into ghe abyss like the rest of the transfer funds. Adkins has said 3 must go out for any 1 to come in which suggests we are over budget on wages and there is no transfer pot which for me puts paid to our promotion hopes.
This squad can't even get us in the Play-off positions after 13 points in 5 games. What hopes do we have if this is what we have to offer. We have a poor defense with no depth, poor midfield without any attacking threat and more importantly, no goals in it. And 1 quality striker we can rely on. We have around 9 players constantly having a social in the treatment room and players out on loan that we can't recall on fire. Reports sugfest they've been told they can stay and leave if they want.
Other reports suggest that the only signings we will make are the 2 we have on loan in Hammond and Edgar which is not enough.

I'm still on a downer and probably wearing the black cloak of doom right now but as the post match reaction says from the posh fans:
"We were not the better team on the day, we are a better team in general!" And "Sheff United a club that will never get out of League 1".
They are right, we aren't a team at all, too few partners on the field.
Sheff Utd can't even get in the play-offs never mind our history involving them. 15 points off the top 2 is too much a gap to make up so only tells me we are here for a 6th consecutive season and yet again we've sold the family silver for nothing and to the detriment of the playing side. So for now..... onwards and hope for upwards at some point in the future. UTB

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: December 28, 2015, 10:43:06 am »
My round in't Dev at 1ish.

43 and counting today  ???  :ok:  :DA :DA :DA :DA :DA

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: December 15, 2015, 10:58:37 pm »
Didn't we do the same with Maradonna

Banter / Re: MUFC Robbing B*stards
« on: December 11, 2015, 10:12:20 pm »
Actually Eeyore, the FA Cup money is split 3 ways. 10% to the FA and 45% to each club. That's FA Cup rules and on their website. (I actually thought it was 20% to the FA and 40% to each club as the FA had to give a percentage to the sponsors).

You all know what Ziah's like about Rooney and Man Utd and how he was when we lost to Preston last season. Picking him up after that game was hard. He did say at the time that he was done with Sheff Utd, he was fed up of disappointment after disappointment. This time he'll get to go and see them.

As an added bonus, A kind lady, who's not going, has the same number of loyalty points as me has kindly offered me her Customer Number and that means we can get our tickets on the 19th, so Xmas Pressie coming up! I can't wait to see his face  ;D

Banter / Re: MUFC Robbing B*stards
« on: December 11, 2015, 08:11:43 pm »
Ziah is desperate to go as you have p[robably figured but I don't think we'll get tickets as he doesn't have enough Loyalty Points until the 29th December and the Category 1 seats we want will probably have gone by then  :-[

We'll still go, just we probably won't get the seats we want

Banter / Re: I recognise that face.......
« on: November 27, 2015, 12:44:25 am »
This is me in my uniform on 11th November outside School..... And had to visit every classroom afterwards too.....

Banter / Re: I recognise that face.......
« on: November 27, 2015, 12:30:36 am »
You know, when you are out at sea for months at a time, mailies are the best thing in the world. There is only so much you can put in a small locker onboard, the rest you have to buy from a very expensive NAAFI, or that's what they called it when I was in. They say you can't spend owt out at sea but sadly that isn't true. The Royal Navy insists you shave everyday regardless whether you need it or not and showering is a twice to thrice daily thing if you didn't you soon did. Except Submariners, filthy crabfats showered once maybe twice a WEEK!!
Receiving these boxes of goodies were a highlight during a long voyage, no matter what it possessed. Books were always well received and passed throughout the mess. Shaving foam, razors, shower gel, even several tubes or Chocs or nutty were always shared and put throughout the mess. People who didn't get a Maily that time or had a "Dear John" were always comforted.... We had a Gronk Board and she would be Queen that month  ;) But Mail is a huge morale booster.

If you know anyone looking for a Pen Pal or just someone to talk to, these lads will take their mail every day of the week. And they are duty bound to reply to..... it's instilled in us to be gentlemenly. Exchanging photo's is also a really nice way to put a face to the name. I met many wonderful people this way...... some I'd rather forget too mind, being a serviceman (Bunny boilers spring to mind!).

Unfortunately looking at this pic, it isn't me. That lad is a Chief (3 prominent buttons on his sleeve) and he doesn't have a "Sea Cadet Corps" flash on his Uniform, that I currently have!! So sorry, that isn't me. I do know that when he said "they appreciate every parcel that comes", he isn't lieing! so if you can send them something, please do!! They deserve all our help!

Banter / Re: Time for the inoculations and a trip to Dingleland
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:35:53 am »
Might have got us a lift there after Brekkie, not sure about back though.

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: November 26, 2015, 12:05:37 am »
Who Would I Play:


Brayford, Banton, Edgar, Harris





Long/Willis, Basham, McGahey, K.Wallace, Baxter(if fit), Adams, Sammon

I've had enough of watching the crap that doesn't give a toss about the club, play the kids on Sat!!

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: November 23, 2015, 12:23:12 am »
Having just read most of the comments on here and other Forums it is a sad state of affairs when just 3 and half months ago we were excited at the prospect of Nigel Adkins being Manager, bringing his Stalwart Striker Sharp in with options of creativity from JCR, Flynn, Murphy, and Sammon, Baxter and Scougs. Back-up from DM from Basham or Coutts (Yes, Some people still rated him and said "This would be his season") and with the Rejuvenated Collins, Edgar( a highly rated season long loan) and Kennedy at Centre Half. With Brayford and Harris to return from injury while Freeman and Woolford would be used for the interim.

 1 Sale and a return to the boring passing sideways, no penetration, no creative breaks, No Pace, no real commitment football has left the vast majority of fans in a state of "WHY?" Why do we look for reason?, Why do we analyse every player and every performance? Is social media really the problem? At the end of the day, We are NOT a club going anywhere anytime soon.

 The performances of the TEAM are BAD! Individual players are having decent performances but as a team, we are not working, whether it be from the Board room down or the Fans upwards. Us Fans are more divided that ever, especially on match days Home and AWAY! Something I thought I'd never see happen. The Players on the field are playing like they are Strangers. Us Fans are seeing Game in and Game out that Potential is not being used in the squad and the purpose of the playing squad is not being utilised. In Conclusion. I fully believe that there is Full Board interference in the playing style and individual performances. There IS a reason that Che Adams is proving to be the best player in the squad, despite how inconsistent and poor he can be and how we are trying to stabilize the "Squad" by playing a Blades Fan in attack.

 I was 1 of the few that applauded Adkins decision to sub Sharp off for Sammon on Sat and it worked because all of a sudden the opposition defenses had something to think about. Reading the game of football is not difficult, it's basic geometry and logic with a bit of human error thrown in (Being a Ref with a hampering injury, I have to be on top of this). What is the solution though? Carry on regardless, because, as fans, that is we are supposed to do? or do we protest against the playing system and playing staff? or better still, Protest against everything backroom, especially aimed at the board? IMO none will do any good and could see the end of Sheffield United. but what we can do, that simply won't happen because we are at the stage of Defiance and we will not be beat, especially as the other half of the City are potentially on the brink of a top flight return if they continue their form.

 Yes, WE are Sheffield United. Chairmen come and go, Managers come and go, Board rooms come and go,even more so the players come and go but what will never happen is US, the Fans will never come and go! We're in it for the long haul and we deserve better than the shite we are served right now. The shite comes from the top and there is a lot of players that are good Championship level players, whether you love or loathe Clough, half his players are good enough to be up there.

IMO, What the Club needs is a leader at the moment. We don't have 1 in the Board room, we don't have 1 on the pitch but WE can be 1 in the stands! Lets be that leader and show these players, the Manager and powers that be that we are Sheffield United and WE WILL NOT BE MOVED!

Man of the Match / Re: Sheffield United V Southend United
« on: November 21, 2015, 07:18:57 pm »
Just edged it over George Long who was much much better and much more Confident since his spell out of the team.

Baxter however played some great long and short stuff and deserved his toe poke through the keeper.

Man of the Match / Sheffield United V Southend United
« on: November 21, 2015, 07:17:00 pm »
Didn't see 1 so added it

Banter / Re: Time for the inoculations and a trip to Dingleland
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:24:06 pm »
Got a pass minus Zach so I'm up for this

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: October 06, 2015, 06:37:58 pm »
Me and Ziah, currently sat in Shapla are going tonight.

Not expecting too much mind. Steroid injections wearing off now so in a bit of pain. But getting the games in while I can.

Banter / Re: Banter thread - No.1
« on: August 25, 2015, 12:42:19 pm »
Thanks for the best wishes everyone.
Meds have changed today compensated with Oramorph every 2 hours.
Started physio which lasted all of 5 mins with the fella calling time. It was just too much pain and I only walked outside the door into a Corridor using a zimmer frame  :yikes:

Anyway, sit rep is. If things don't change in next few days I'll be going under the knife.

Back to football.
Great news on Che. He's repaying us with loyalty after we started his pro-career, which is always nice.

Heard mutterings on someone called Solly March on loan from Brighton and that the Turner deal didn't happen due to his wages. Seems Pigs are in for Hooper as well.

I could only listen in on Sat but it didn't sound convincing, just what most have reported in it being a huff and puff display with patience and endevour finally rewarding us for remaining disciplined. It also says a lot about our fitness. In all honesty, as I've put elsewhere, if we play like we've given our all and win most games 1-0, we'd all take that. So onwards and upwards.

Tonight. It's a Cup so I'd rest the likes of Howard, Freeman, Adams, Sharp and Sammon and start with something like this to try and build confidence and give some game time to returning injury's and fringe players.
Going something like this:

Long/Willis(maybe Long on the bench and give NA chance to look at Willis)

RB Flynn CB Edgar CB Kennedy LB McFadzean
RM JCR CM Reed CM J.Wallace LM K.Wallace
Fwd McNulty Fwd DeGirolamo

Subs(in case it goes tits up)
GK, Collins/McEverley, Baxter, Sharp, Freeman, Basham, Higdon


Just read through that and YEP, I'm bored  :-[ ;D ;D

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