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He's already got one Roma.....'Brooks will tear you apart again...'

I thought Brooksy played a blinder tonight for Wales and so did the comms who made him MOTM...

I thought we were off of our usual game first half, we still deserved a couple of goals though. Their goal happened because of poor positioning from Moore but other than  that they were very poor. Second half though we were back to that high pressing, high intensity game and Hull couldn't live with us or Clarke and for me was MOTM by a country mile. I said to my mate before the game that Clarke needed a goal today but I didn't expect 4 from him, when was the last time one of our strikers got 4...I can only remember Edwards v Gillingham in 1983 was it? Can we keep this up? hell yes but we need some top transfer action in Jan to give us a bigger chance.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 03, 2017, 06:39:34 pm »
For me Curruthers isn't direct cover for Fleck but I agree he hasn't done nothing wrong. Duffy ATM is hard to replace he's on such good form and 'The Kid' is being deployed more up front of late. Cole or similar would add something to the forward line options. I'm sure CW has his eye on a couple of players and may even go back for the lad at Charlton in Jan.

The Bassett years I'll never forget. I'm happy to accept they might not have actually been as good as I might remember with my selective memory, but bloody hell did we have some good times with Harry, and over many years too.

I love CW and what he's achieved so far. I believe he can usurp Bassett as the best we've had, but there's still some way to go yet before he takes the mantle. I truly hope Wilder becomes the legend he appears to be becoming. Bassett for me will always be the man who gave me the best years of my life as a Blade.............so far.

We had some cracking players under Bassett like Agana, Deane, Hodges, Bradders, Whitehouse, Fjortoft, Saunders etc mixed in with grafters like Booker etc

Other less admirable forums make me laugh.  Someone has the audacity to suggest CW got his team selection wrong on Tuesday night and all the sad little keyboard warriors lay into him (wasn't me btw!).

Glad on here we can suggest that even CW can make mistakes and also suggest how we would have done it differently (though to be honest we don't have to follow our ideas through and if we did it'd end up being shit anyway).

CW is the best manager we've ever had, but to say he's infalible and beyond criticism whatever he does is simply silly... Oh well, thank god I've got this boozer to pop into for sanity's sake.

Sounds like you're having a rare old time Landlord!

All managers make mistakes, for me you don't take out players on form. Also CW has a long way to go before he's the best we've ever had, in my time it has to be Bassett who got us up two divisions and kept us in the top flight for four years. Porterfield took us up from 4 to 2 and Warnock up 1 to the top flight....if CW gets us to the top flight then he'll be second only to Bassett IMO

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 02, 2017, 06:02:16 pm »
The Jan window will show our intent on this season, we have the team and depth to easily consolidate, but for me we need three quality players to cover, and give competition for places, for Fleck and Duffy and Cole to add to the forward options. We don't play as well without Fleck and Duffy and we don't have options for their absence.

Hop you like it

Anyone find watching England is like watching the Blades under Adkins?

Lethargic build up.  Sideways and backwards passes.  Crosses and set pieces never beat the first man. A team of individuals not a team...

I was a gibbering wreck by the end of the game...  )O(

Worse than that mate...but it shows there's a lot of interference by the F.A. because Roy Hodgon isn't a bad manager and they played exactly the same. It's all about franchises and not football with the F.A. I feel sorry for some of the players who have vast talent in that team i,e, Walker, Cahill, Kane etc they are being stifled by whoever is interfering.

Sharp has a rib injury but should be fit for Ipshit....Clarke had only just come back from injury himself so not surprised if he got a strain. Donaldson isn't fully match fit but hopefully will be sharp enough come next game. Evens is having his op during this break so he'll be out for a bit. I would have played Brooks though, a lad on fire, why protect him? get games under his belt and raise his value and then tell Everton, Liverpool or whoever to feck off in Jan. We certainly need some luck with injuries, it seems every other game we get one and it's frustrating.

Go at them and what will be will be, i'll be happy with a point

Banter / Re: Derby Day Memories
« on: September 25, 2017, 05:01:19 pm »
It was a great display from us but not unexpected because we didn't raise our game, we always play like that. That shot of them two mascots had me cracking up, very funny and Duffy springing their defense and scoring from such a Fjortoftesque angle was awesome. Oh and Clarke who wasn't good enough for them had a blinder of a game.

 Spending loads of money is ok and easy if you have it but it takes a genius to blend a team no matter what is or is not spent. Porterfield, Bassett and Warnock both had that ability to find players from obscurity and blend a great team, and Wilder has it too. Fergerson had money in droves but he bought the right players to suit his style and used academy lads also and he was a master at blending a team. This is what most fans fail to understand and all pig fans go on about is how much their team cost so they should beat us.

They under estimated us and they over rate themselves....so what if they spent load of dosh, you can't buy passion, you can't buy work rate, you can't buy ' A band of brothers '

Agree with most of what Lings said, I was really surprised not to see Sharp or Clarke. Ok if they were injured then fair enough but to put Ched up front on his own was a mistake, why not put Hanson in rather than risk Ched breaking down. On Ched, I thought he did ok but got no service into him and ye at times we had no one to pass to in the area because there were more players out wide ( very Adkins/Cloughesque )  The two crosses in from Ched that Lings is on about were created through good work from Ched but what else could he do with no one in there to pass to? in the end Ched got a full game, which is good and so did Brooks, who is a real talent. Can't fault the work rate and we did play well overall and keep playing that way we'll win more than we lose. 

Blackman, Baldock, Fleck, O’Connell, Clarke, Sharp, Wright, Coutts, Carter-Vickers, Duffy, Lafferty.
Subs: Stevens, Basham, Lundstram, Freeman, Eastwood, Evans, Brooks.

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