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Been doing the math. KO 5:30, HT 6:17 (assume 2 mins added on). 2nd Half KO 6:32, final whistle 7:21 (4 mins added on). Get back to car 7:31.  Get back to pick missus up 8:01 (pushing it). Quick wash and change. Leave 8:20. Arena car park for 8:40. In seat for 8:50. Killers start 9:00 (miss support band but never heard of her to be honest). 

It's tight but not impossible.  I might even do it if I leave early (despite the wrath of my fellow Blades).

Now - all I need is to convince the missus it'll all work smoothly on the night  :^^


The biggest downer for me last night was The Tap - some truly awful beers last night - the last pint even being left with just a sip from it.....at least that wasn't the one the Icelandic sour IPA they charged £8.80 a pint for (obviously think they're still in Iceland at those prices!!)

Told you mate, the awful beers were to make the Fulham fans feel at home and the London prices too  :whi

Re the Brum game I'm still gutted as originally it fell nicely as I'm up to see the Killers at the Arena Saturday.  Thanks to Sky it's giving up my tickets for the Killers or the unusual feeling of being in Sheff and not at the match...  If the tickets weren't an Anniversary present I know what I'd be doing.  )O(

I don't really know what to make of last night... One thing is certain, United know how to put us all through the mincer  :roll:

On Lundstrum... I didn't notice him last night, watching in iFollow.  And I think that's a good thing.  He's not Coutts, but we knew that and if he was as good as Coutts he'd probably be unhappy sitting on the bench until now.  He had a solid game without standing out (for right or wrong reasons).

However, on What's App someone asked "what has Lundstrum not done that Coutts would have done".  I don't want to be too harsh on Lundstrum because I think he did alright, but what Coutts does is protect Fleck.  Fleck's style of play means he takes risks and does give the ball away quite alot.  8 out of 10 times he pulls off that amazing through pass or turns the opponent to create space, but on the other occasions he loses the ball - but like the shopkeeper in Mr Ben Coutts pops out of nowhere to win the ball back.

Lundstrum isn't as good as Coutts at winning the ball back and being in the right place at the right time, but he's young and he'll learn.

I think this is also why Fleck maybe didn't have as good a game as we're used to as we don't normally see his mistakes because Coutts tidies them up, we only see his amazing passes and dribbles... Wouldn't change that for the world, and if that was a "bad" game by Fleck's standards then we're more than OK.

After we scored, Fulham had a period of domination and looked likely to score (I even had a quid on them to score next).  However, we started to dominate again and suddenly we looked the most likely to score again, then out of nowhere their equaliser was given away.

I missed their 2nd because I'd switched to the SkyBet app to spend some of my new winnings on us winning the game 2-1.  When I got there SkyBet said it was already 1-2, and I switched back to iFollow just in time to see them celebrating  )O(

Their 3rd, yes 2CV should have tracked their scorer, but I also thought Blackman's positioning should have been better and he could have cut out the cross.

Fulham were good last night, right from the start I could see that they were one of the better teams we've faced (they actually reminded me a bit of us).  They matched us in closing down which is not something they usually do according to a Fulham fan I know (lazy bastards was the term used) which is probably why several of their players were laid out at the end.

Teams are starting to realise we're not cloggers and are changing theor tactics accordingly.  We're going to have to learn to combat that going forward...

Towards the end, it was like Bassett was back in charge.  2 at the back no midfield and everyone else up front.  The right tactics to play when you're losing at home with time running out and it nearly paid off for us... CW certainly has balls.

Couple of things now I'm finally able to get into the bar...

Firstly, bit of fun in this article on the Championship's kits ranked.  For some reason, when I first looked at this this morning we were 5th, then we moved to 4th and now 2nd.  There is a fans' vote at the end but I don't think that counts otherwise Ipswich would be 1st.


Second thing I wanted to chuck onto the bartop is a new song for Brooks that I've seen doing the Twitter rounds since his full debut for the Welsh dragons last night (you'll guess the tune from the first line)...

Brooks the magic dragon
Nutmegged Jack Hunt
Left him all tied up in knots
And looking like a cunt...  :ok:

He had a good game last night.  He kept switching from left to right and as Wales play quite a narrow midfield was able to cut inside often too. 

Everytime he gets the ball you expect him to do something special, which is a burden he needs to learn to live with as sometimes a simple pass would have done but he tried to meg the defenders instead.  To be fair, when the ball went to him he was closed down right away by 3 Panamanian defenders - they'd obviously realised his potential to rip them a second arsehole.

He could have scored with a sweet left footer after cutting into the area from the right, but a deflection off the defender took it over.

You could see the Welsh forwards (Vokes etc) thanking him for the crosses and balls he was putting in.  These same players are going to be returning to their clubs and telling their managers to go and look at that kid in Sheffield...

I hope the board were serious when they say they want to keep him.  If we do inevitably have to sell him, I seriously think he could be our first 50m player - if we hold onto him long enough for his value to mature.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 07, 2017, 04:00:54 pm »
I think Brooks is a more direct cover for Duffy, although I also like to see Brooks deployed as a false 10 (damn I used the term) when he comes on for Sharp.

Carruthers for me sits somewhere between Fleck and Duffy in terms of his ability and approach.

I can see Lundstrum as a (albeit not quite so effective) cover for Coutts.

But I can't see a direct cover for Fleck, which to be honest isn't surprising as he's one of those fairly unique players.  We could always put a cheeky bid in for Barry fucking Bannan as cover for Fleck. He'd do alright in our U23s until needed  :roll:

One player we haven't seen much of yet is Thomas.  He looks really promising and would love to see him develop into a first teamer, although I can't see where he would play as he's an out and out winger.  Maybe he can learn to adapt and play more central as cover for Duffy?

I'd also be looking at more cover for wing back.  We've seen how important this position is to our style of play and how vunerable we are to injuries in that position.  With the amount of work the WBs have to put in it's inevitible they're going to get knocks and strains.  So maybe a WB who can play left or right as cover (if such a thing exists - I played that role as a young man and it's true, I was equally shite left and right).

We also now need cover for Clarke... How about that fella playing in France - Neymar isn't it? He could learn alot as Leon's deputy  :ok:

How deluded?

1. They deserved to be in front
If the football gods wanted to punish us for not taking two (maybe three clear cut chances) then yes, they deserved to be in front (or we deserved to be behind).

2. They should have had a penalty
At first I thought they had a case.  On iFollow it looked a clear handball.  On the Sky highlights I still think it was handball, but it was just outside the area.

3. The referee was biased in our favour
Had he booked their player for the bad foul five minutes before he then did book him for a less bad foul they'd have been down to 10 men first half.

The only way that game could have been any better (other than taking more of our chances and making it 8 or 9) would have been if they'd done that cheesy "getting mauled by the tigers" chant when they were one up, to then get thoroughly humiliated Wendy bounce killer style...

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 02, 2017, 03:33:20 pm »
There has been a debate on Twitter between Kevin Gage and a guy called @wit-xx about HRH's funds.

@witt-xx claims that there is no money for January and that HRH is struggling for cash now that he's sold his shares in Saudi Paper Company.

Now, at first I dismissed this guy's input as heresay.  Sure, HRH has sold his shares in the paper company as he had to to take up the government role, same as he had to resign as chairman of the mighty.  But, he must have made a fortune on the shares he sold and I'm sure he won't sit it in the bank gathering dust - he'll be reinvesting it (hopefully some of it in the aforementioned mighty).

Anyway, what now worries me is that there was a post by the Sheffield Star with a photo of CW and "his close friend" Wit-xx enjoying a champagne reception at the house of lords the day after the QPR game. This has got me thinking the worse case scenarios.  Is @witt-xx actually well connected and in the know? Has CW moaned to him about not having any money to spend?

Tell me I'm just being ultra-paranoid!!!!  :roll: :^^

Other less admirable forums make me laugh.  Someone has the audacity to suggest CW got his team selection wrong on Tuesday night and all the sad little keyboard warriors lay into him (wasn't me btw!).

Glad on here we can suggest that even CW can make mistakes and also suggest how we would have done it differently (though to be honest we don't have to follow our ideas through and if we did it'd end up being shit anyway).

CW is the best manager we've ever had, but to say he's infalible and beyond criticism whatever he does is simply silly... Oh well, thank god I've got this boozer to pop into for sanity's sake.

Sounds like you're having a rare old time Landlord!

Having slept on it my conclusions are:

Had Blackman not hurt himself (hope he's OK) yesterday would have been a different result - even if we'd still gone on to play the disjointed way we did it would have been 0-0.  We'd looked dangerous in our first attack prior to the goal and seemed to be able to cut their defence apart - only happened a few times again after the injury.

The actual score could have been 3-3 - they missed a couple of easy chances, how O'Connell and Clarke didn't score first half I don't know...  Clarke could have had one second half and we wasted alot of opportunities to cross or pull the ball back from the touchline for a tap in. QPR missed one, posisbly two sitters too.

We gave the ball away too many times and players weren't on the same wavelength too often (even leaving the ball for each other on several occasions or passing to a player who hadn't run through on the overlap).  Even Coutts kept giving it away, maybe he was missing Fleck as his outlet.

Baldock going off is a bigger worry than Blackman's injury. He was beating the ground with his fists suggesting he was frustrated that an old injury has come back?  I love Bashambeaur but he's not a wing back...

QPR played like the away team.  They harried, closed us down and gave us no space.  When they got it it was always long and they won practically everything in the air all night.  We had such little space even we had to revert to hoof ball at times.

The ref was shite - for both sides.  That QPR player who faked an injury for a good 5 minutes deserves suspending when the FA fakery committee has a look at the footage (although Sharp could then be in trouble as he was clearly seen kicking him when he was down on deck - good lad  :ok: - I would have.).

Boro, Cardiff and QPR have now beaten us by scoring after a long ball over the top (Norwich did too didn't they?).  We need to have a plan for that.

We were very unlucky last night with the Blackman incident and I think that's the big positive to take from this. We can play our worse game of the season, away in London after a big Yorkshire derby at the weekend and be unlucky to lose against a team who were so afraid of us they played like it was a cup game. They had massive respect for us and their plan worked - but only just despite us having a major off night... The future is still bright....  :ok:

47 years old but running around the garden outside the office like a child because Mark Duffy just commented on one of my Tweets  :ok: :DD

The porcine lot from South Barnsley really are pathetic.  I remember when we played Hull in the Semi Final at Wembley and they were tweeting to wish Hull good luck and one Hull fan completely burned them.

Now they're tweeting #efc and #everton to "advise" them to take a look at Wilder as their next manager.

What a bunch of lady bits they are...

Have been walking up Jacob's Ladder to Kinder Scout and only just got home, so haven't commented on the game yet.  First half was outstanding.  We faced a team renown for keeping possession and they barely saw the ball first half.  We hunted in packs, kept the ball well, passed in little triangles, overloaded down the flanks and won the ball back when we did lose it.  That's almost line for line the Barcelona philosophy - who would have thought we'd be saying something like that about the Blades!?

Second half we started well enough but then tired massively.  Last 20-30 minutes we were mostly on the back foot and defending, leaving too big a gap in the middle for them to exploit.  That said, they didn't create much (apart from the goal) and Blackman didn't make a save all game.

2-1 flattered them to be fair, and 3-0 would have been a more realistic scoreline.  I'm just waiting for the bubble to burst and to wake up and find us languishing in the lower half of the table... It can't be another promotion push - can it!?

BTW - McGoldrick at Ipshit has 3 months left on his contract and it was in the East Anglian Daily Times today that he's torn and has a big decision to make come January.  Would be an excellent signing for us I think, assuming we have that kind of money available as I'd expect him to be about 3-4m.

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: October 18, 2017, 09:49:19 am »
HRH obviously pops into this excellent bar from time to time, to have a pull on a sheesha pipe of course not partake in the various alcoholic beverages on offer, and saw my post and thought "bloody hell I best get that Brooksy signed on a four year deal or I'll have the Crossed Blades lot after my blood!"...  :ok:

I don't think the extended deal makes him any more likely to stay with us beyond the end of this season (unless we're promoted of course) but I do believe it makes a move in January that little bit less likely and, if he did have his head turned by one of the big boys at some time soon, the transfer fee is likely to be 15 mill instead of 7 or 8...  If he keeps on developing the way he has this year, we could have our first 20mil player on our hands  :ok:

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