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By the way, Satdi this is what I'd do:

1. I think Baldock will be fit so he goes into RWB

2. Bashembauer anchors CMF

3. Carruthers starts alongside Duffy higher up

Then, either CCV is given a chance to redeem himself, or Heneghan gets his chance.

Of course the alternative sees Bashembauer taking CCV's place which allows Lundstram to anchor the CMF

OR we go full fat attack and have Brooks, Duffy AND Carruthers in MF  :ok:

2pm?  :yikes:

So only an hour later than normal for drinks before a match that kicks off 2 and a half hours later than normal?

Holy Shit 90 minutes more drinking time than usual?

I can't do 2pm. It'll be at least 10 past  :ok:

Good Luck with that!  :DD

The biggest downer for me last night was The Tap - some truly awful beers last night - the last pint even being left with just a sip from it.....at least that wasn't the one the Icelandic sour IPA they charged £8.80 a pint for (obviously think they're still in Iceland at those prices!!)

Told you mate, the awful beers were to make the Fulham fans feel at home and the London prices too  :whi

Re the Brum game I'm still gutted as originally it fell nicely as I'm up to see the Killers at the Arena Saturday.  Thanks to Sky it's giving up my tickets for the Killers or the unusual feeling of being in Sheff and not at the match...  If the tickets weren't an Anniversary present I know what I'd be doing.  )O(

Na na na na he's a ....OH!  ::)

Before the season started I had Fulham in my 3 tips for promotion. Tonight they finally showed that they have the quality to achieve it.

For them, Sessegnon and Ojo were excellent, but throughout the team they were faster, more determined, and showed better quality and intelligence on the ball throughout.

On a night when we were up against the best side I've seen this season, too many players had an off day. Carter-Vickers had a 'mare, giving away the first goal with that catastrophically lame back-pass and being nowhere at all when the ball went across for their 3rd. Down the right side of our defence was a huge gap that they just kept running into. It was easy.

Sharp had a very off night, so too Brooks when he came on. Unlike Vamps I thought Fleck had a decent game but Duffy just wasn't at the races. Lundstram was his usual steady self but no more.

We only looked a threat when Hanson came on for the hoof, and Carruthers had a very decent cameo.

I feel sorry for Leon Clarke - a hat-trick but on the losing side?

Ref was poor but not in a way that changed the game. We were beaten by the better side and I have no complaints. As Wilder says, so far this season every point we've won, we've deserved, and tonight was a continuation of that.

Sort that defence out Chris, it's only 1 game but there were some things to be concerned about.

We'll probably need 4 more goals on Saturday with Che Adams in town!

... or 5

What I like about Brooks is he seems to have been given permission to play wherever the game is being played, so he drifts around but is starting to build that disciplined approach to getting back and covering where needed. His progress is amazing and he's going to be a PL regular for sure. Bale's replacement at Real?  ;D

If the club seriously considers anything under £20m for him they want shafting up the wrong 'un with a big knobbly stick

Had to love this from an article on Newsnow:

So a guy puts 90 pence on an 11 match accumulator at the weekend

At one stage, he's offered £1750 as a cash out for his 90p and he lets it go because a couple more scores go his way. He's holding out for £250,000 and it all looks like he's going to spank the bookies for a quarter of a million BUT......

Leon Clarke scores 4, so the ONLY ONE match that lets him down is Blades v Hull and who does the guy support? YES! Hull City!  :DD :DD :DD :DD :DD

He made a great comment afterwards, saying if it had come in he could have bought his own house and a Range Rover but now he has to stay with his mum and drive a Corsa  :DD :DD

hahahaha - we had that conversation in the pub before the game about the "mauled by the tigers" chant - utterly embarrassing!

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 07, 2017, 09:04:33 pm »
I think Brooks is a more direct cover for Duffy

Agreed Roma, which is why I said "Duffy is keeping Brooks out of the team"  ;D ;D

I agree on Thomas too - he looks a very capable player. Maybe he could cover for Fleck if he has a tackle in him? He seems a strange signing to be honest because we just don't use wingers.

Just read a Hull fan's blog on the match.

1. They deserved to be in front
2. They should have had a penalty
3. The referee was biased in our favour
4. They never get anything from refs at Bramall Lane
5. Finally he admits they were awful second half but despite saying the Hull MF was in full flow in the first half he gives SUFC no credit for the turnaround
6. Even after his team shipped 4 goals in one half he still referred to us (3 times at least) as "The Blunts"

Some people just aren't ready for day-release

A great win against a pretty poor side, and it could have been an absolute embarrassment for them if their keeper hadn't made some fantastic saves (with Blackman only on loan maybe we should look for a top quality keeper like him).

Burton, Fulham, Birmingham to come next. Anywhere between 7 and 9 points from those three will do for me  ;D

Wolves back on track last night so we're 5 points off the top this morning. Hopefully CW has the Blades back to their best today and we can cut the gap back to 2.


Bassett was long gone when Fjortoft and Saunders arrived mate, Harry left in '95 and those two signed in '97

Banter / Re: 2017/2018 Transfer window thread
« on: November 03, 2017, 07:19:05 pm »
I see Carruthers as cover for Duffy, Lundstrum cover for Fleck/Coutts although Bash is perfectly good there as defensive cover (I prefer him CB or CMF rather than makeshift wing back)

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